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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Epic Portait: Chad!

Oh man, this one was pretty fun.  Just some background: I was charged with creating a portrait of my friend Becca's boyfriend Chad, with broadsword in hand, drinking a Manhattan, surrounded by zombies with the Golden Girls in tow.  This was a definite must because A) I love drawing zombies, and B) I had never drawn the Golden Girls before.  While I wasn't lucky enough to have grown up with them like some viewers out there, I find the whole premise of 4 sassy older women living together and getting into hijinks to be hilarious.  I'm pretty sure I watched Designing Women though.  What was the premise behind that?  

Anyway, this is my first all-digital portrait.  Because it was zombie-themed, I wanted to make it look like a cover of The Walking Dead comic- hopefully that concept made it across.  I made sure to include Chad's "Betsey shorts" and enough blood-splatter to show that he knows his way around a broadsword.  His pose is an homage to the classic Army of Darkness poster, complete with sexy lady clinging to his leg (played by Sophia).    

I also included a black, white & red version in homage to the comic's use of black and white. 


As usual, if you're interested in commissioning me to do an epic portrait or any other maner of artwork, you can e-mail me and we can talk turkey.  

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