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I love to draw and create, but as some have pointed out, I tend to gravitate towards comic and sci-fi characters (as seen at my sketch blog) and I forget the whole other world of subjects out there. This blog is dedicated to that other world. Although, as you'll see, I can't seem to escape a little bleed over.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Never really drawn that many kids before...

As I mentioned in my other art blog, it's been a while since I've posted on here.  I've been pretty busy working on a couple different art projects, including character designs for a video game in development (nothing serious, unless it gets picked up), a book cover, and trying to get around to my next epic portrait.  

Here's a few rough concept sketches for one of the video game characters.  She was described to me as supposed to be between 10 - 12 years old, and cute.  I don't know what makes a cute kid, but I took a couple shots in the dark with these.  

I've since submitted a finished model sheet based on the second sketch, with more details added.  They're currently working on the 3D modeling!  Can't wait to see my art in 3-D form.  Sooner or later I'll learn to do that kind of stuff myself...  Hopefully I'll post the finished product (if I can) so stay tuned!